The Academy for Health Counseling, a Specified Nonprofit Organization

SAT Listener

Competence Requirements

Be able to serve as a listener to assist clients in problem solving.

Guidelines for Screening Registered SAT Listener of AHC

‚PDIrrespective of the quality of the basic stance of SAT counseling, acceptability criteria for SAT listener supporter based on the method of articulating feelings and the self-imaging method are:

  1. Is the client being counseled according to the established procedure?
  2. After applying the method of clarifying feelings, did the stress level decrease 20% or more from what it was prior to the intervention?
  3. Is the target behavior set at the actual confidence level of 80% or higher?
  4. Is the self-imaging method applied in such a way that, as a general rule (complicated problems are excluded), the stress level is decreased to 30% or lower?
    If the stress level does not decrease to 30% or lower, ask your client what has to be solved to achieve that target stress level, and have him/her indicate what comes to his/her mind in a flash, and then set that as the behavior to be targeted.
  5. In the taped record, is the person playing the part of the client speaking in a "voice full of life" that exudes assurance and self-confidence?
  6. Judge the success of counseling on the basis of whether the words of empathetic encouragement uttered by the person playing the part of the counselor exude enough empathy to "touch the judge's heart."

Whether the candidate has passed the screening for registered SAT listener is determined by whether the candidate has mastered the 1)-5) above and is able to confirm them.
The candidate is not expected to have reached the level of proficiency that would enable he/she to automatically confirm the above check points.

[AHC Qualification Screening Board.@August 1, 2008, Revised in April, 2009]